Arizona Homeowners Insurance: Contents Insurance

The majority of Arizona homeowners insurance policies will feature a basic package which only includes dwelling coverage. This means that although the actual structure of your home is protected, none of the items within it are. To most people it is their possessions that turn a house into a home and so they are going to want their possessions insured. It is possible to purchase contents insurance on top of the basic package, but sometimes these deals are not the best. It is important that you know what a good contents insurance policy looks like, to make sure the policy you choose gives you the protection you need.

Valuables in Total

This coverage will protect any items that are considered high financial value and also sentimental value e.g. family heirlooms. Common items included under this coverage include jewelry such as works of art, gold watches, TVs, cameras, computers and other electrical items. With this coverage you will be able to make a claim if any of the items are lost, stolen or damaged.

Freezer Contents

If your fridge or freezer breaks down and you end up losing all of your perishable food items, you will be able to claim back the money to replace the contents under this coverage.

Theft from Outbuildings

This coverage is particularly important, as often expensive items such as bicycles and power tools are kept outside in garages or sheds. This will cover the contents of any other structures you own that are not attached to your home.

Personal Liability

In the event that an individual suffers a personal injury on your property, or if they consider damage to their property your fault, then this can offer you protection for any legal fees or compensation you may need to pay out.

Alternative Accommodation

If the worst happens and your home is so severely damaged that you need to move out, then you will need to find alternative accommodation. The last thing you will want to be worrying about at this time is money, which is why this coverage is so important. With the alternative accommodation coverage, the cost of your accommodation will be covered by the insurance company whilst your house is being repaired.

Personal Possessions

This coverage will protect your possessions whilst they are outside of the home. This is particularly useful for things like mobile phones, laptops and tablets.