4 Questions You Need To Ask About Michigan Health Insurance

Choosing the right Michigan health insurance plan to ensure that you get the best protection possible, is often a difficult task. There will be a wealth of paperwork to get through and often you will be asked questions that you don’t know the answers to. However there are some questions that you should be asking in order to get the best plan for you.

  1. What type of plan is it?

You need to find out whether the plan is an indemnity health plan or a managed care system as the financial difference is huge. With an indemnity plan you are actually responsible for a percentage of the medical care costs, and the rest of the tab will be picked up by your own insurer. However, this plan does allow you control over what hospital you visit and the doctor that you use. A managed care plan presents the least amount of financial burden to you as you will pay a fixed monthly fee for health care services. However, under this type of plan you will only be able to visit a doctor who is under contract with the HMO.

  1. What benefits are included?

You need to find out whether your healthcare plan includes any other benefits such as dental care or eye care, as well as finding out whether the cost of prescriptions will be covered by your insurance. If these benefits are not included then you will have to make arrangements to pay for these services out of your own pocket.

  1. What restrictions are on pre-existing conditions?

If you or a member of your family covered under the health care plan suffers from a chronic condition, then the medical costs related to this condition may not be covered. In many cases, the insurer will cover the cost for a number of months up to a financial limits and then the condition will be excluded. It is worth finding out this information as soon as possible.

  1. What if I’m away from home?

You will need to find out what the insurer’s policy is on receiving health care away from home. Some insurers will cover a certain amount of the medical costs and others will not cover anything. There may also be different policies depending on the distance. For instance, if you are out of the country the policy may be different to when you are away from home but still in the US.